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CodeCasm is a concept with no racism is made to any learner. Please help us to grow & build trust within you all. A person should not spend a penny to learn anything he/she wants.

I created this website to make you all aware of all the technical terminologies and help you throughout according to my knowledge.

I believe in "GIVE & TAKE", sharing knowledge.

I really don't know the Source

I am always ready to help you friends. If you need any kind of help on any topic related to Web Desinging, Web Development, Web Hosting or any Software Development terminologies.

You all can also contact me for the projects you need or help in your project. (NOTE : Don't expect me for free if you need my personal interference in your project). I can also make a customized project for you and if you need any module in particular project instead of whole project.

Connect me on WhatsApp for more help on ON-GOING Projects, click on below link to join the group (click only when you view this site on mobile).

Benefits of joining WhatsApp Group

  • Links for downloading free tutorial.
  • Questions can be asked directly in group.
  • Direct interaction to the people with good and expert knowledge.