Welcome Freshers/Interns


This is my new thought to provide Open Roof Internship program to the student and the needy who are interested to learn.

What does an Internship means?

An internship means to learn first.

  2. LEARN

Hello guys, I have decided to help you out by giving almost free, good and genuine internship program. Please don't go for the fake and paid internship program. I don't say that all the paid internship are fake, but mostly they are. Now-a-days, a person with no knowledge or some, holding a licence for Pvt. Ltd. attracts the interns to make a good amount of money by selling there ready made projects ( which would be already sold to many interns. They continue to sale it to each batch they have over the period of time.).

Guys even I can't provide all of you this program, but I can promise that I can help you to save your future and make good decision for the internship you need. The amount of internship I can provide is less and will be totally based on the knowledge you have. But after we are full, I can suggest you good projects from good source.

  1. Good learning Opportunity
  2. Not only I/We can but you also need to put your 100%
  3. Projects of your choice, which will give you good experience
  4. Choice to choose your own topic and help will be provided

We are team of 5, expect less but good out of us. Trust me, you will enjoy.
Belive in good and you get it good.

** Use the below mail Id to get the opportunity, send me your resume.