Purandar, MH

About me

Hello guys,

I am Ashishkumar Vishwakarma, an Application Developer mostly known as Software Engineer from Pune, MH.

I have 4+ years of corporate experience in various technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Angular, NodeJS, VBA, SQL, NoSql (MongoDb) and Data Visualisation.

My other interest when I am not coding is to roam around, having adventure like trekking & cycling and chilling with friends while having bonfire and light music

I have also started a developer community for learning and sharing knowledge among developers & newbies, you can have a look over it here: https://www.codecasm.com

You guys can connect me on web:

1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/@dev_ashishkumar

2. GitHub: https://github.com/codecasm

3. Personal blog: https://codecasm.com/blogs

4. My portfolio: https://codecasm.com/ashishkumar/

6. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/codecasm

Thanks for support 🙏😊❤️

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