Policies and terms

We here want to declare that each one who is eager for education and want to learn always. Beginner or experienced, every individual who wants to share their knowledge can come together. No one is abided to any law to limit themselves for any learning or contributing.

We don't bind or restrict anyone to learn, but also suggest that if you are too small in age to use this site, please use this site under your guardians surveillance. The minimum age should be considered atleast 12 years old for this site. This site should be used only for good deeds (learning, tuting, community binding, blogs, etc.)

Each individual should follow normal laws while speaking, contacting or communicating to any of our contributors, volunteers or any member associated to CodeCasm. Any type of miss behavior, abusing or harassment should be reported immediately to us at our mail id.

Any property seen on this site should be priorly reported to us, and it should be claimed with proof. And should expect proper action within 7 working days.

We don't collect any of your data, we insist you to read all the instructions and privacy policy on any of the page or projects on our site and your acceptation by checking the checkbox and clicking submit button will be considered as your permission to do so. Because some of the project may require your data, but it will be asked and after your permission it will be used.

  • No one can use our name 'CodeCasm' for any reason without our prior permission or without our knowledge
  • As we are new, you can suggest us best policies to include

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