Know bit about us

CodeCasm is a concept where we are always ready to combine the people and create a strong bonded community. We are always ready to make contribution in society by teaching and helping people in technologies. As community we don't expect anything in return, but if it is about any profit making project, we are eligible to get some profit.

We are open to any company who wants to collaborate with us. We expect to get our volunteer and students to get benefited by getting internship or jobs with the working companies or whoever is interested in candidates.

We invite interested candidates to come and learn with us and make them career ready.

CodeCasm is a concept which was initiated by Ashishkumar. He wanted to do engineering but was not able to attain because of financial issues. So after he completed his Masters (MCA), he decided to launch this site to simply help all the students, beginners in programming or development. Bring experienced person into focus who could help him to contribute to society and make learning a fun.

Code + sarCasm = CodeCasm

He believes in learning with fun, we helps it remember much more better and keep calm while coding.

  • Our talks and events fall under community section but tution is chargeable.
  • for getting personal tution or group tution you can contact us to get the charge and agenda details

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