Web Development Classes

Hello folks,

As you all know, we are going to start a Web Development track. Here is the complete process for it.

Those who don’t know, what all learning you will get can click here to check.

just for reference

Admission Process :

  1. Click this link to pay your fee (only from mobile) : codecasm@sbi
  2. Take a screenshot of the payment done
  3. WhatsApp me your paid fee screenshot with your name and mobile number : Click to chat
  4. The WhatsApp group link will be shared to you
  5. All the further updates will be shared on the group
  6. Classes will be 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM in the morning, keeping the very best and fresh time to learn and get maximum of it. (for any kind of changes message me personally)

Thanks for being patient and further details you will receive on WhatsApp group