Web Development Classes
[Fill form till 25th September 2021]

Hello guys, here we are getting together to learn Web development with all my experience and learning. In this COVID-19 situation, we are trying to improve the skills of the newbie/programmers who want to start with learning some good stuff but are not sure how and where to start? No worries, here we have came up with an solution to it. We are starting Web Development online classes for the enthusiasts who are curious about learning the frontend with higher curiosity and dedication.

If you know it, you can do it
If you don't, you must learn it

~ doesn't matter, learning does

Pay using UPI- codecasm@sbi


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Basics ES6
  • Basics Angular & Node
  • Pre-Requisites:

  • Willing to learn
  • Having a personal machine for practice
  • Ready pay in advance in every month
  • Strict rules to Follow:

  • Daily reporting of your learning on Google Sheet
  • List your doubt and keep reserved for Saturday/Sunday
  • Compulsory Attendance for Saturday/Sunday lecture
  • Agenda:

  • With the help of this effective learning, at the end of this class, every individual will be able to create a frontend project on their own
  • He/She will be able to crack an interview as a fresher
  • But, as usual, candidates should also put their best to learn with their curiosity and dedication
  • Invitation reminder for each event organized by CodeCasm
  • One guest lecture to give final touch-up to your skill

    • Nominal charge of INR. 5700.00/- has been kept for the class to let your seriousness remain always
    • No refund can be claimed after attending any lectures
    • This is not Job Oriented or Certification Program

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