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Some Glimpses about new Angular v17 release

The very first and impressive thing I got is the Angular logo. Loved it amazingly.

The second thing (you guys might be surprised but it looks very nice to read and surf ok this name) domain

The Angular team cared about making a good looking documentation with some easiest navigation and playground section is loveable.

Also, not only making the tutorial themselves they collaborated with various community contributors give a smooth experience to the developers. (Like, engaging with Prettier contributor, SoloLearn platform & online teachers [of course one adorable Santosh Yadav ])

Features Added/Changes:

  1. New & simple coding style for conditional statement i.e. if, if-else.
  2. New & simple coding style for switch statement
  3. New & simple coding style for for loop
  4. Two new Life-Cycle-Hooks added: afterRender & afterNextRender
  5. Dependency injection debugging
  6. Angular Signal developer preview i.e. effect

More from Angular Team:

  1. Best learning experience through documentation
  2. Best practice experience through playground
  3. Best learning experience through community contributors

Thanks for the update from Angular team. Always following the favorite one Minko Gechev. You can read the complete blog by him here:

I always try to bring the things in shorter form for you guys. Be connected amazing readers if you like my work:

❤️ Happy Learning & Coding 😊 👏✨️

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