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How did I started with my development journey with Angular

Hello friends,

Today I am going to discuss all about my career in Angular and how I started with it. Many of my friend keep asking me,

  1. What is right way to learn Angular?
  2. How I can start learning Angular?
  3. What are the good resources for it?

My simple answer is, you should be good enough to search your doubt to get started for something but also I know sometimes without guidance it becomes very hard to start the journey or staying focused to it. So for that very reason, I am sharing my Angular journey. And at the end I will be sharing a Roadmap for Angular created by me.

Here I go friends ✍️,

A small story about how I started with it.

In 2017, I tried my hands on Angular.js(1.x) but I was just happy with interpolation alone and never head forward to it. Went with PHP for some more time as it was handy to me. But again, with no framework I didn’t had scope for my development career.

In 2018, I left my job from Infosys to learn and switch my career in development from back office. I was job less for 4 months. Really hard days in life, but sun shines at it own time.

In 2019, I joint a startup as Software intern and started with MEAN stack. Within a month I was thrown in front of client with no prior experience of handling client and development. Do or Die? situation for me. There I started my actually learning journey. I experienced a saying that, “if you have an option or if you have a plan B, you never go to the path you dream or desired off”. I had no back way from there and put my whole soul for it with a fear (if I loose this job, I would have to land to back office job again). With no great job, to learn & earn something (knowledge) I started learning with job all day & night (likely from 8:00 AM to 4:00 AM of next day) and within a month I was able to crack interview for 2 years of Angular position.

To explore more about Angular, I started some extra stuff:

  1. Started attending Meetups
  2. Created Twitter account and followed some good techies
  3. Gone through all documentation to get a better idea about Angular framework and it’s basics
  4. Attending Angular events to encourage my own self
  5. Networking with more Angular people
  6. Finally teaching Angular to learn Angular
  7. And still learning…

Today I am having 3 years and 7 months Angular experience and working with a well known Indian MNC company.

Got a chance to work with clients from Ukraine, Australia, Malaysia, Texas, etc. which was again a part of learning.

Got a chance to explore a team as a lead. Secondly headed a project with all the decisions from framework selection to Angular app Architectural designing from scratch.

Today, I am very much happy with my learning journey. But yes, I would like to admit that I want to explore other frameworks as well.

I also recommend you guys to check my next article about Angular Roadmap. Incase you love to learn or explore Angular.

Thank you 😊 🙏

I would also like to share that I work as a freelance Angular Dev (individually) so my mail is always open for work chat and project discussions. You can contact through my mail or DM me in Twitter.

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