Get FREE TLD domain (.design)

Hello friends, today we are going to check for a free domain which is kind of new TLD in internet world i.e. .design

So basically this kind of domain can be used by the Designers (web designer/ fashion designer and so on). Also students can try their hands on it for the practice purpose.

I was searching for a new offers or free offers for domain for my portfolio. So while surfing I landed up to a very nice site with some coupon code and which was really working. So I just went through the process and tried to book one for myself.

So, while I was booking the domain, I was also recording the same for you guys for demo purpose. While booking the coupon I applied was done successfully and also got a mail account for free costing $24/year. The video is attached below for the reference purpose.

Prerequisite for the free domain

  1. All the details for you
  2. Create an account with the domain provider (not recommended, can be done on the go)
  3. Credit card with atleast $1 balance

Registration process

Step 1: search “free tld porkbun” or visit this link

Step 2: search for your desired domain and click on checkout

Step 3: If not logged in or registered user than fill the form accordingly and proceed

Step 4: Now, there will be the pop-up for payment asking for your credit card details. (I tried to use virtual card but Debit instead Credit). So use Virtual Card for safety purpose otherwise you can go with your original card. It will ask you $1 for payment, approve it. (Mostly it is used for verification and returned to your account).

Enjoy the benefit and also comment below to share your domain and get the free hosting account from me.

Free TLD domain (.design)

Thanks for reading & watching. 🌟🙏❤️

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