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How did I got my first internship/job? 2017

Hello friends,

I am writing this blog to share about my first development interview and job in 2017 when I was in last year of my Masters

I was in my Masters, finding a company for internship. I updated my profile on Naukri & Monster [job portals]. One fine day, found a post from Naukri and applied to it. Got a mail feedback for interview. Till time I already had 4 sites running in PHP on my own.

My Interview Day

I was present at the interview with my nervousness (as I never faced technical / development interview in life). Submitted my resume. I was called immediately as there was no candidate and I was the only one.

First round

They asked me in general about introduction and qualification. And then in technical round they started asking about, Can I integrate SMS in my project?

Boom, chance to showcase your own project done as practice.

I already had a bulk SMS client with me which I developed for their samaaj (religious community). My interview was been taken by CEO himself, as the company only had 6 employees as of current. He was amazed, how a college boy can do it. Then I started showing him my all the 4 sites developed.

  1. A site which had all the third party integrations such as (SMS, Email & Payment viz. PayU)
  2. A personal site developed for my self and hosted all the assignments & practical of my and my friends college with solution packed into .zip
  3. A blog site where I was copy-pasting the blog I was reading and finding it good to share with my friend
  4. A site which contained all the miscellaneous things, like a known online offer by me, some technical news, some scammer news, some fake IT companies and so on.

Second round

The CEO of the company was so impressed, he asked me if I could join them on immediate basis at a pay of โ‚น3000.00/- per month with a bond of 1 year, effective after 3 months of internship and to submit a original government ID as a security. I was a boy who immediately came for this interview after absconding Wipro Back office process. A point hit my mind, when the MNCs don’t do bond and don’t take our original documents for any security, how can I trust this company? So, I denied for the bond, saying I can only join and can submit a Xerox copy of the document that too self attested. Suddenly the interview rather CEO of the company said, denying bond you are showing insecurity to the company. I responded, sorry, I can only join with my conditions.

Third round

Just immediately after the CEO there was a guy who was managing all the things, he asked me about JSON. JSON, what the hell is this? (My reaction). I nodded my head as NO. He said, take a help of Google and within 30 mins, make a JSON object with the condition he gave me.

Hell, I was totally, clueless about JSON and object. I googled in my mobile and started doing it, tracing the brackets in the object, I tried my best and made a JSON object. Then suddenly while surfing, I found a link, saying validate JSON object. I put all my object and validated it.

Hurray, the object was validated fine. Hence, they selected me for the internship.


Conclusion of writing this blog is that, don’t afraid and hesitate to give any kind of interview according to your interest without thinking or restricting yourself with some particular technology or term. Life is for learning, you will come across many things which you don’t know, but have to learn over the time of period.

So, just always take the first step for the things you need rather than overthinking of the result.

Last point, whether you are in a job or not, that doesn’t matter. While learning you should always create the practical project to understand your learnings. Also keep your side projects on for getting hands-on experience of the particular technology.

All the best

Hope you learn something out of it

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  1. Hi Ashish,

    What an electrifying interview shared, after all that what was practiced, came in handy in the process, also good to know that you denied the bond part with right presence of mind on the go. Keep sharing your insight. And good writing from your own journey.

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