How to bag in job for your self ?

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Hello folks,

There are many ways to get a job according to their own choices. Here, I will share the possible ways for bagging in the job according to my considerations:

Connections/Networks (social/professional)

You can simply look into your nearest friends or friends of friends to enquire about any kind of matching job profiles or opening for you. If you don’t have any good connections in friends then you can seek it from your professional connections like, LinkedIn, etc. Even if you have a good connections on social platforms like, Twitter, Facebook, etc, you can put your resume link or profile description. There are many good personality who love to share openings and help others.

Job Portals

There are various portals to get or apply the job.

  2. Apna
  3. Hirect

These 3 main portals I use to get my preference of job. Here, I would like to add that is bit irritating and their job matching criteria is bit shitty. Due to this reason, we get spammed with the jobs we don’t need. Also spammers are ready their to thug you. But being an old platform and brand trust I still prefer it sometimes. So Good to Go with it if you don’t have any other choice.

Apna portal is kind of local and getting some jobs just for survival. I agree, there are great jobs as well. But mostly consultancies are registered here who waste your lots of time. They prefer not to tell anything or much about the job when on call. They insist you to come down to their place and then the below thing happen:

Now, I come to my favorite one i.e. Hirect. This platform is mainly made to directly get hired into the startups in US and India market, and even you get a chance to get a remote/freelance work here. So I strongly recommend to download Hirect and get your dream job landed and that too as soon as possible.
It has some cool features like, getting direct contact number, in app chatting and resume sharing.


Now I can conclude that getting jobs are much easier than ever. Because there was a time when I applied nearly about in 100+ companies with my resume attached, sending direct mail to their career website, applying direct jobs from their career page. But got only 3 responses back and that too not got selected in any of the 3 company.

I will always recommend to become smart and pick the good choices for the healthy career. So please consider this as my personal suggestion if you agree, else you can also prefer your way for it.

Thanks for reading this, I would like to get your thoughts on this blog and the way you prefer to get the job.

Happy Reading

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